“I am not. I’m the other ”  Arthur Rimbaud at age 17


Blanca Innovation is a creative innovation lab that research on the tendencies from the present and the ones to come, from a unique methodology and projective techniques, which allows you to always go further than the superficial.

In a meticulous work of semantic weave, we study the great warp and weft of reality, analyzing in detail the changes in the social imaginary, fashion, arts, science, epistemology, advertising … finding fields of coincidence that will facilitate the projection of the evolution of the variables of our concern.

We offer a different look on the opportunities and to materialize this new point of view in an innovation funnel, with a hopscotch of possible paths. See our methodology

Our clients are multinational companies who believe in innovation as UNILEVER and COCA COLA, and smaller clients with the same need for new tools for changing. See our clients

Our consultancy includes training workshops as also complex trending investigations and target and imaginary profiles. This consultancy can even solve different types of testing with consumers, investigating product concepts, campaigns, tastings, packs … Always from an unconventional and creative perspective, which, as a plus, gives new thinking tools and unexpected «ideas box» See our studies

Blanca Innovacion works within the company in understanding with research, marketing and development departments…( Long live the poets and the biochemists!) But also work together with the advertising agency of the company and especially with the strategic planning and creative departments.
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