“You´ve come a long way, baby” Virginia Slims


Blanca Innovation was probably the first center for creative innovation in the area.

It is somehow ridiculous to say that when being the first or only is no longer important but … that is what it is! Created and directed by Blanca Lema, born in the year 94, when it seemed that no one would talked about this specialty down in Latam. It had Unilever Argentina as a main advertising client for every Innocell project: hair, skin, deos and cleaning products.

From this innovation consultancy for brands such as Sedal, Organics, Dimensión, Lord Cheseline, Axe, Impulse, Rexona, Efficient, Pond’s, Skip, Drive, Ala, Lux and Dove …. out among many other products: Sedal ADN, Sedal Liso Perfecto, Sedal SOS, Sedal Rizos Obedientes, Sedal Capas Destacadas, Axe Fusion, Axe Convicción, Axe Pulse, Rexona Teens


From this there were also born the Training Workshops and Creative investigations as New Masculinity, New sensuousness, New spirituality in young people, New teens, Understanding to Mexico … The value of the anime, among others.

In 2004 Blanca Innovation incorporates Coca Cola Argentina as its main customer in innovation and creative investigation. Later will be added: Coca Cola Chile, Costa Rica and Colombia. Also countries like Panama, El Salvador, Ecuador and Uruguay. The brands we have worked with include: Coca Cola, Fanta, Cepita, Del Valle, Dasani, Bon Aqua, Vitamin Water, Canada Dry, Fuze Tea.

During this management to which Blanca Innovation was incorporated since the birth of the idea, and performed various marketing investigations and creative research in the area, came out releases such as: epika, La Vuelta, Hugo…among others.

Other investigations carried out for Coca Cola, during this period are linked to major areas of trends such as: New hydration and nutrition; New children and adolescents; New Adult, New concepts in health, intelligence and energy, New notion of gender; New grandparents … and more specific axes of still confidential projects. See “career as an advertising creative”