“What’s up doc?”Bugs Bunny


Probably our strong point is that we do not deliver just more of the same. Even in our more conventional investigations, we deliver a very noticeable plus of innovative thinking and creative resolution.


“Let what seems unpredictable don’t surprises us dancing in the Titanic”

As in the fracture of a glacier … trends come developing for years but we do not notice until the stage we thought to be eternal, falls loudly in front of us uncovering a new horizon.

These are some of the studies that continually nurture our trend hunters team:


  • New trends and paradigms of the world
  • New Imaginary applied to different categories and targets
  • Discovery and deepening of new profiles
  • Capture of new categories

“Vanguard and practicality. Depth and simplicity together”


  • Analysis of market gaps
  • Creative-semiotic analysis of the competition
  • Creating new brand architectures
  • Search for new ingredients
  • Creating new products
  • Deepening supports. Exploring new scenarios and scientific horizons
  • Names for new brands and varieties
  • Capturing insights, substantiators and descriptors
  • Creating a new sensory language
  • Drafting product concepts
  • Testing commercials, products, and packaging.
  • Tastings and other product tests
  • Creative groups creative with consumers where the consumer «creates»See methodology and projective tests
  • Interviews with experts in the field, or in a motivational workshops with the participation of the consumer or the client.

«The advantage of swimming on both sides of the corals …»


  • Working together with the departments of marketing, development, planning and creativity.
  • Support and advice in strategic planning. (Brand Vision Key)
  • Adaptation of global campaigns. Global trends vs. local trends.
  • Stimulation workshop and training of a paradoxical view.
  • Individual Coaching. Personalized exercise tools and looks.
  • Insight from the Street. Insight from the Street. Experiential contact with the trends and the «real people» in their natural habitat.
  • Creative brief for the agency. (Enrichment of the initial brief with a re interpretation of what the agency needs to be stimulated in the heart of the project)
  • Special incentives for editors, designers and filmmakers.
  • Trend support for the presentation of new creative campaigns.

«For customers who do not have yet an advertising agency and need one first communication support»


As a way to accompany and complement a creative innovation consultancy, Blanca Innovation supervises strategically and creatively a boutique agency with young and excellent creatives. The idea is to facilitate the entire process of implementation, with the same continuity of thought. Visit: