Which are the most common fears regarding innovation
and how to manage them


When the road gets dark and you can´t see a thing…

«Preparing ourselves not to need someone enlighten us the way»

In the marketing of this century of uncertainty where cartesian coordinates are insufficient,
it is usual to see attitudes ranging from … «wait until sunrise» or … wait until some fool
dares to innovate and then let´s just follow him… What we offer is exactly to help you giving a fresh look at that illusive darkness. To look at what seeing … we would not see.

When the results are surprising but you feel unprepared to embrace them.

Glup! Many times in the creative investigation process we don´t come across with the answers we were looking for, but with new questions. From the initial brief comes out one new brief.

Realizing that our problem can be approached from another perspective is a paradigm shift that fascinates and scares at the same time.

What we offer is a series of preventive hypothesis, alternative to the initial brief so we know what to do with the new and the unpredictable results we might find out, and we keep ourselves open to a new approach.

All these words sound nice, yes, but… what is this for?

“ A good consultant will give you the tools so that he will not be indispensable.”

That simple question: “What is it for?” is a wonderful creative stimulus when it comes to materialization. Going straight to the point, providing solutions and being generous on implementation and thinking tools, in order to avoid making a guru out of the consultant nor a myth out of a tool.
The idea is to bring off the research after their presentation, and get them start up in many different ways within every work crew. See list of advertisers and research clients